Our Approach

Our Approach

The innovative litigation strategies of Curry Law Firm’s attorneys have produced positive outcomes for numerous clients in cases involving medical malpractice and health care liability, environmental litigation, complex toxic tort defense, and employment law, including the Equal Pay Act and Title VII. We are constantly seeking new ways to provide extra value to our clients and we have recently added a Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Consulting practice to provide qualified guidance through the extensive and ever-changing Medicare Secondary Payer Act including set-asides and MMA Section 111 Reporting. Our success is built on experience, sound judgment, and dedicated defense coupled with a commitment to stay abreast of developments and changes in our areas of practice. At Curry Law Firm, our clients work directly with our attorneys, which we believe is key to successful litigation and a benefit that larger firms simply cannot provide.

At Curry Law Firm, we have a firm commitment to communication. We demonstrate this commitment by maintaining regular, direct, and straightforward communication with our clients; providing prudent and accurate evaluation; creative and quality representation; and expeditious handling of all matters. Our firm guidelines ensure prompt response to client calls, voice messages, and emails. We provide regular status reports to keep our clients apprised of matter developments. We develop timely client-alerts, quarterly updates on developments within each of our practice areas, and issue-targeted articles so that our clients are kept informed of critical developments impacting their industries.

Service & Teamwork
Our commitment to service is reflected in the long-standing relationship we have with many of our clients. We believe that a strong personal relationship with our clients is a crucial part of an effective legal strategy. We have a team-based approach to handling legal matters, and we actively seek to build a rapport with our clients that involves them as a vital part of the team. This approach allows us to deliver results that ensure that our clients realize their business goals and personal legal objectives. Making our clients an integral part of the legal team also adds value to service. Listening to our clients enables us to anticipate problems and work more effectively to address their needs. Our commitment to service is reflected in our long-standing relationships with many of our clients.

We share with our clients a desire to control costs while providing the highest possible legal representation. When appropriate, nurse consultants or paralegals are integrated into a matter to allow lower billing rates for certain types of services. Methods of alternative dispute resolution are also pursued in order to reduce litigation expenses.

Curry Law Firm has a state-of-the-art computer network employing the latest software and hardware. We have the capability of configuring alternative means of access to engage in direct electronic communications for reporting and billing purposes with our partnering clients, including paperless handling of matters if desired. When appropriate, our legal team is well-versed in and utilizes litigation software to manage effectively multiple party and/or multiple document matters. We maintain an upgrade schedule for our software to keep pace with our clients’ needs and expectations, and to ensure that we handle our clients’ matters efficiently, effectively, and economically, while maximizing our productivity.